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The primary purpose of Justice Reflections is to publish theological essays about matters relevant to people in prison ministry. Whilst Justice Reflections will primarily exist to promote these theological issues, people may be attracted to look regularly at the website if it amasses wider aesthetic, artistic and literary ideas about imprisonment.

This aspiration might fulfill a pastoral function. It may also encourage people to contribute small items - particularly if they do not feel inclined to contribute theological essays. Initial interest in the broader aspects may encourage some people to read the theological essays!

Art, in particular, has the advantage of conveying creative ideas beyond language. It is a dimension traditionally used in churches. The internet could be an ideal medium for communicating these ideas by receiving and disseminating them to people with a common interest. It might therefore be feasible for this website to collect ideas relevant to people in prison ministry and display them in an organised and accessible way.

Some of the ideas might include:

1.   Asking art critics for comments in short letters about their personal impressions on how artists have handled the portrayal of imprisonment. Justice Reflections would publish these letters for general interest. It would also be possible to reproduce images of art work.

2.   Offering examples of the way prisoners portray imprisonment and linking with organisations around the world that focus on the art of prisoners.

3.   Collecting graphics portraying prison ministry work and justice ideals. Sharing such ideas could be a stimulus for deepening personal insight and promoting public interest in prison ministry.

4.   Building a repository of literary references in English to the experience of imprisonment.

5.   Elaborating the use of drama in promoting justice in prison.

6.   Circulating stories of hope, restoration and reconciliation.

The above perspectives are not currently available in any one place.

Comments on these general suggestions are invited through It may be that some may like to help directly in the development of this aspect of the website. If so, they should contact the Promotion Team. On a practical note there would be ample space on the website for extensive development of these ideas.








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